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Rockfactory Jam Classes

Photos  (photos by Lisa Harrison)

Jam sessions are a casual, fun, and socially rewarding way for students of all ages and skill levels to play together and improve their performance abilities.  Rockfactory holds jam classes by request - a minimum of 4 attendees is required for a session to be held.  Sessions are most often held on Sundays at 2pm and/or 4pm, with occasional meetings during the week and on Saturday to provide this opportunity to all students.  To sign up for a tentative jam session date, please call Mark Carson at 215-595-3324.

Jam classes are very informal, but they are perhaps the most valuable experience we can offer to players of all levels.  Jam classes provide a guided forum for students of all levels to play together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

You do not need any experience to take part in a jam session - even absolute beginners are welcome to attend.  Songs, grooves, and chord progression examples in many musical styles are provided.  Regardless of skill level, we have a part for every student to play in order to fit into the group.  Intermediate students who have even a basic grasp of power chords, open chords, bar chords and/or pentatonic lead licks will have very straightforward rhythm and lead parts to play.  Advanced students who are working on more intricate soloing skills have a harmonic format in which experimentation and live practice is encouraged.  Even for students who are just beginning to make sounds on the instrument, a variety of very basic melodies and bass lines are provided to get the feel for playing along with each song.  Professional musicians, including live drums and bass performers attend every session, providing a interesting and unique experience at each event.

Jam sessions give beginners a chance to follow along and play in rhythm with more advanced performers.  Advanced musicians get the opportunity to play with an organized live group, in order to improve skills.  This sort of creative music making environment is the most enjoyable, intuitive, and effective way to build real performance skill, and it brings people together in a social context that gives genuine value to making music.

Rockfactory will continue to prepare 1-2 formal recitals per year for young students, but regular jam sessions are much more enjoyable for everyone involved.  The fee for a two-hour class is $20 per student.  Parents are welcome to watch for free, as long as space is available.

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