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Friday 27-April-2018, 8pm (for adult students of Nick)


Tore Down,
Pretty Woman,
Let It Be,
Takin Care of Business,
I Will Follow You Into the Dark,
Sunshine of Your Love
Johnny B. Goode,
Brown Eyed Girl,
Dust in the Wind,
While My Guitar Gently Weeps,

(OTHERS: With a Little Help From My Friends, Pinball Wizard, Night Moves, Hotel California, Fire and Rain, Purple Haze, Californication, Pachelbel Canon, Evil Ways, I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Satin Doll, Day Tripper, I Walk the Line, Jazz Blues (Route 66), Take it Easy, Europa, Sultans of Swing, Angela (Lumineers), How to Save a Life - the Fray, SOME Chili Peppers: Snow, Dani California, Scar Tissue, Can't Stop, Under the Bridge?)

Nick Antonaccio (3-Apr-2018/11:31:37-8:00)
Steve Bauer (9-Apr-2018/11:23:16-7:00)
Jim Holian (10-Apr-2018/18:47:09-7:00)
Joyce Liebtag (25-Apr-2018/10:46:03-7:00)

Sunday 6-May-2018, (10am or noon - TBD)

**CONCERT** At Newtown Friends School (start 10am or noon, TBD):

Nick Antonaccio (3-Apr-2018/11:31:37-8:00)
Steve Bauer (9-Apr-2018/11:23:54-7:00)
Jim Holian (10-Apr-2018/18:46:35-7:00)
Marty Millner (27-Apr-2018/16:31:42-7:00)


PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 4 attendees, within 24 hours of any event, are required for the event to occur.