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NOTE: To run the video software on this site, you must have a current version of the flash player installed in your web browser (98% of computers already have this installed). If you need a current version, you can download it for free at (it only takes a few seconds). You can use the video recorder below to test your camera and sound setup:

1) Click the "Add Video" tab at the bottom of this page. You may need to click several times, and wait a few seconds.

2) Click "Allow" when prompted, to allow your browser to access your microphone and web camera.

3) Click the red, round record button to begin recording, then speak and move for the camera. Click the black, square button to stop recording. Click the black, triangle button to play back your recording. You may need to click several times, and wait a few seconds for the recording to play properly.

4) Be sure that your recorded sound is playing back in your headphones. If you can't see your video play back on screen or if you can't hear your audio recording play in your headphones, please follow the troubleshooting guidelines below.

5) Click the "Submit" button to save your recording, or "Cancel" to abandon your recording. Saved videos will not appear online automatically. For a recorded video to be displayed on this page, a specific request must be made for it to be approved and shown publicly.


1) If you have any problems with your web cam and/or microphone, right click on the video player and select "Settings" (with your finger, click the button on the right side of your mouse). From there, you can adjust your choice of microphone, web cam, and other settings used by the web browser's flash player. Be sure to check the "Reduce Echo" box for your microphone.

2) Be sure that your microphone, headphones, and web cam are properly connected to your computer. Please check that all of your cables are securely plugged in. Most problems we see occur because cables have become unplugged or loose. If you are having a problem, please do NOT assume that all of your cables are tightly connected. Please check them before calling us.

3) Check that your computer system sound is turned up and working properly. You should be able to hear all of your normal system beeps and notifications.

4) Be sure that your camera and microphone are NOT in use by another application. These devices can only be used by one program at a time. If you have any other audio/video application(s) open, please close them down and then refresh (reload) this web page.

5) If you are having general problems with your computer or Internet connection, try restarting your computer and your router/modem. Also, be sure to close down any unnecessary programs on your computer before using the audio/video software on this site. Opening many applications at the same time takes up system resources and slows down your computer.

6) If you have security software that may disable items on our web site (child security features, firewall, etc.), be sure to allow items from .

7) If you've done everything on this page, and still can't get your audio/video working, please call or email us at: 215-860-7625 or

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